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All Pics on this Website are copyrightprotected.

Copyrightowner is

Please don´t use our Pics illegal.

To use these pics for business purpose needs our permission.

Ask by E-mail to for business-use.

Adjust Gallery-Nr. and Picture-Nr. to your request.

Private use is allowed.

!!! In order to avoid additional data traffics on our server, we do ask you, pictures of our web page not to link to your side, insted to copy and past them in your side !!!

A request by mail and a statement of where the picture´s origin would be polite.

Ex.: With friendly permission from

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Little Script-programs, which can use to control the browser window of the user and set different functions of the representation of html-sides, called javascript.

Javascript do not enable data storage or other functions disadvantageous for the user.

Solely that disagreeable „pop-up“- windows are a well known disadvantage of javascript.

But one can use javascript also for a useful sense.

The controlled open of new windows I used for the picture-gallerys.

„Gallerie-windows closed, all away - shit !!!“

Not in my gallery, thanks to javascript.

Still have open the table of contents in the background in the old window is meaningful, if one closes the window with the momentary galleries by a mistake.

It`s posible that windows occur without its browser navigation bar, that is predominantly in the pictures-galleries, because I would like to avoid all „disturbing“ in the picture representation and that became realized with javascript.

A picture in fullscreenview can be closed by click on it.

If you should have problems with it, also a „ALT+F4" helps closes that current window.

How one advances with the navigation ?

On pictures click quite spread itself meanwhile.

Therefore it is on this web page also so.

On „before and back arrows“ was renounced because each browser has own.

The link-pictures as well as that „info-picture“ on this side brings you to the next information-side.

If one clicks on the last side on the link-picture, the cirkle is closed, and one lands again on the „home-side“ for example „“, from there one can take a new start.

If the link-picture to the left is active, that means, that this subject or chapter has several sides to be found there, and these sides yield a circulation that ends again here.

With one „back“ with your browser-operation you leave the information area again.


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Is there a guestbook also ?

You will find it at the bottom of the site.


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